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TAOC® is a best-selling, award winning series that has been carefully researched and developed to revive The Art Of Conversation® and promote great times for everyone.

TAOC® is a fabulous way to make dinner parties, barbeques, holiday occasions and all get-togethers of family, friends and new acquaintances fun and memorable!

TAOC® is suitable for all ages. It’s not a quiz and never about who knows most, Rather it is a fun way
to get to know others, and yourself, better , Simple to use, with at least 9 different variations on “play”, TAOC® helps develop effective communication, with the myriad benefits that brings to you and your relationships.

The art of couples conversation

The only knowledge needed to successfully contribute to TAOC® is your own life experiences, interests and ideas.

TAOC® may be used thousands of times with continuing interest and pleasure.

For all ages, adult and children (may be played at various levels).

Each time TAOC® is used, new and harmonious outcomes evolve.

TAOC® also has excellent Educational, Therapeutic and Corporate applications.

Available also as an app.

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